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High-performance batteries to keep your business moving Logistics is more important than ever, with customers expecting faster and more predictable deliveries. In this competitive environment, fleet owners are focusing on total cost of ownership. After all, when a truck is off the road, it leads to customer dissatisfaction, unused labour and capital, and potential fines and penalties. Exide designed its battery range to reduce the risk of breakdowns and give customers a competitive advantage. You get market-leading performance, lower total cost of ownership, and battery options for any vehicle fleet scenario. As a true expert in OE batteries, Exide helps you to select the right battery. For fleet owners and installers alike, it is vital to make the right choice for the conditions of use. Three important criteria to consider in battery performance are: vibration resistance, cycling endurance and cranking power.

Exide CV – StrongPRO

Innovating the indestructible batteryThe new Exide StrongPRO features a next-generation HVR®(high vibration resistance) design, and comes with Carbon BoostTM, Exide’s smart solution for reduced acid stratification and faster recharge. Since the AdBlue®tank was introduced (Euro 5/6), truck makers have moved the battery to the rear chassis, where increased vibrations cause early battery failures. Exide’s unique HVR®technology prevents this, and enables StrongPRO to pass the extreme vibration tests under the new European V4 standard (EN 50342-1:2015).Using StrongPRO means less risk of breakdowns, more starting reliability, and longer lifespan – providing the lowest total cost of ownership for your fleet. As a leading OEM supplier, Exide brings the latest technology straight to the aftermarket

  • Extremely robust – latest HVR® technology
  • Mandatory for chassis-end installation (e.g. Euro 5/ Euro 6 trucks)and ideal for rough terrain
  • Carbon BoostTM for faster recharge and reduced acid stratification›Ideal for long-haul trucks with comfort equipment to support “life on board”
  • Maximum starting reliability after overnight stay
  • OE experience inside
  • First class safety features
  • Maintenance free – no topping up
  • Optimal total cost of ownership (TCO)
EE1403 12V 140AH 800 EN 513x189x223
EE1853 12V 185AH 1100 EN 513x223x223
EE2353 12V 235AH 1200 EN 518x279x240

Exide CV – PowerPRO

  • Superior cranking power (more plates and active material to maximise grid surface)
  • Ideal for cold temperatures
  • Ideal for trucks/ buses with big engines
  • Robust and reliable design with hot melt fixation of plate groups
  • Maintenance free – no topping up
  • OE experience inside
EF1202 12V 120AH 870 EN 349x175x235
EF1420 12V 142AH 850 EN 349x175x285
EF1421 12V 142AH 850 EN 349x175x285
EF1453 12V 145AH 900 EN 513x189x223
EF1853 12V 185AH 1150 EN 513x223x223
EF2353 12V 235AH 1300 EN 518x279x240

Exide CV – StartPRO

  • Ideal for trucks without special requirements in terms of vibration resistance, cycling or cranking power
  • Robust, and reliable design with hot melt fixation of plate groups
  • Complete range covering almost 100% of vehicle parc, including special types
  • Low maintenance – may need water topping up
EG1008 12V 100AH 680 EN 413x175x220
EG1100 12V 110AH 750 EN 349x175x235
EG1101 12V 110AH 750 EN 349x175x235
EG1102 12V 110AH 750 EN 349x175x235
EG1109 12V 100AH 800 EN 413x175x220
EG110B 12V 110AH 950 EN 330x173x240
EG1203 12V 120AH 680 EN 513x189x223
EG1250 12V 125AH 760 EN 349x175x285
EG1251 12V 125AH 760 EN 349x175x285
EG1353 12V 135AH 1000 EN 514x218x210
EG1355 12V 135AH 1000 EN 514x175x210
EG1402 12V 140AH 900 EN 508x175x205
EG1403 12V 140AH 800 EN 513x189x223
EG1406 12V 140AH 800 EN 510x175x225
EG145A 12V 145AH 1000 EN 360x253x240
EG1705 12V 170AH 950 EN 514x218x210
EG1803 12V 180AH 1000 EN 513x223x223
EG1806 12V 180AH 1000 EN 510x218x225
EG2153 12V 215AH 1200 EN 518x279x240
EG2154 12V 215AH 1200 EN 518x279x240


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