The power behind your drive

Lucas golf power batteries are ideal for all makes of powered golf trolleys and golf carts, guaranteeing more power, more reliability and more rounds of golf.

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Lucas Golf

  • AGM technology
  • Totally sealed, completely maintenance free
  • Vibration resistant
  • Non hazardous
LSLC22-12G 12V 22AH 180x76x167
LSLC26-12G 12V 26AH 166x175x125
LSLC34-12G 12V 34AH 196x130x168
LSLC100-12G 12V 100AH 260x168x215

Lucas Lithium Golf

With a smart design and elegant appearance, the Lucas golf trolley lithium battery is an ideal replacement for the traditional lead acid golf battery. With a super long lifetime and at a quarter of the weight of lead acid battery, our Lucas golf trolley lithium battery is what you need while you enjoy a round.

  • Stronger Power
  • Easy plug & play
  • Fast charging
  • Super light
  • Long lifetime
  • 2 year warranty
LC012 12V 42AH 360 EN 210x175x190
LC017 12V 83AH 720 EN 354x175x190
LC027 12V 60AH 530 EN 243x175x190


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