For all Leisure applications

Whatever the application, Lucas Marine and Leisure batteries will meet all your needs. Included in these ranges are battery types for all Leisure and Marine starting applications and also for dual purpose applications (starting and cycling). Lucas Marine and Leisure batteries are renowned for their quality, advanced technology and reliability. Choosing the correct leisure battery is all about understanding your power usage. The Lucas leisure range covers all situations, applications and levels of power usage depending on what you need from your battery. If your caravan or motorhome is mostly hooked up, then you will need a less cyclic battery. If you’re mostly off grid you’ll need a super cyclic battery.

Lucas Leisure & Marine

  • Calcium technology
  • Enhanced performance
  • O.E. specification
  • Long life – sealed maintenance free
  • Standard warranty
LL22 12V 75AH 420 EN 266x175x225
LL25MF 12V 100AH 830 EN 354x175x175
LL26 12V 95AH 720 EN 302x175x225
LL30 12V 105AH 750 EN 330x175x240
LL35 12V 120AH 900 EN 330x175x240
LM01 12V 50AH 440 EN 210x175x175
LM02 12V 60AH 540 EN 243x175x175
LM03 12V 72AH 680 EN 278x175x175
LM05 12V 90AH 720 EN 354x175x175
LM135 12V 135AH 330x172x242

Lucas Leisure & Marine – LX Supreme – Dual Purpose

  • Superior ‘Dual Purpose’ Leisure and
  • Marine battery
  • Calcium technology
  • 30% more starting power
  • Labyrinth lid technology
  • Exceeds O.E. specification
  • Dual terminals for Gr 24,27,31 battery types
  • Extensive warranty
LX24 12V 80AH 600 EN 257x172x220
LX25 12V 105AH 850 EN 354x175x190
LX27 12V 95AH 690 EN 302x172x220
LX31 12V 105AH 740 EN 330x172x242
LX50 12V 140AH 800 EN 513x185x215
LX60 12V 180AH 1000 EN 513x223x223
LX80 12V 225AH 1150 EN 518x276x240
LXDT30MF 12V 115AH 346x175x234


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Lucas - Leisure & Marine Range



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