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The Lucas range of deep cycle mobility batteries are the perfect choice for powered wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, lifts and hoists. These quality manufactured batteries are capable of delivering up to 30% more deep cycling, making them a reliable source of power for more trips, longer journeys and longer battery life.

Lucas Mobility & Standby

  • AGM / VRLA technology
  • Extra deep cycle capability
  • Fits 95% + wheelchair and scooter applications
  • Non hazardous
  • Safe and easy to transport
  • Perfect for fire alarms, security alarms, CCTV, children’s toys plus many more applications
LSLA1.2-12 12V 1.2AH 97x48x55
LSLA10-12 12V 10AH 151x65x117
LSLA12-12 12V 12AH 151x98x101
LSLA12-12BT 12V 12AH 151x98x98
LSLA12-6 6V 12AH 151x50x98
LSLA14-12 12V 14AH 151x98x98
LSLA2.3-12 12V 2.3AH 178x34x64
LSLA2.8-6 6V 2.8AH 65x32x103
LSLA2.9-12 12V 2.9AH 79x56x105
LSLA20-12 12V 20AH 180x76x167
LSLA20-12F 12V 20AH 180x76x167
LSLA3.2-12 12V 3.2AH 134x67x64
LSLA4.5-12 12V 4.5AH 90x70x106
LSLA4-6 6V 4AH 70x47x106
LSLA5-12 12V 5AH 90x70x106
LSLA5-12BT 12V 5AH 90x70x106
LSLA7-12 12V 7AH 151x65x98
LSLA9-12 12V 9AH 151x65x98
LSLC100-12G 12V 100AH 260x168x215
LSLC104-12 12V 104AH 304x165x210
LSLC120-12 12V 120AH 409x176x225
LSLC125-12 12V 125AH 330x171x224
LSLC140-12 12V 140AH 342x172x280
LSLC150-12 12V 150AH 485x172x240
LSLC180-12 12V 180AH 494x206x209
LSLC18-12 12V 18AH 180x76x167
LSLC200-12 12V 200AH 522x238x218
LSLC22-12 12V 22AH 180x76x167
LSLC22-12G 12V 22AH 180x76x167
LSLC22-12M 12V 22AH 180x76x167
LSLC260-12 12V 260AH 521x269x220
LSLC26-12 12V 26AH 166x175x125
LSLC26-12G 12V 26AH 166x175x125
LSLC34-12 12V 34AH 196x130x168
LSLC34-12G 12V 34AH 196x130x168
LSLC42-12 12V 42AH 197x165x170
LSLC50-12 12V 50AH 197x165x170
LSLC55-12 12V 55AH 229x138x214
LSLC75-12 12V 75AH 260x168x215
LSLC85-12 12V 85AH 260x168x215


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