When Performance Counts

The range of Lucas Motorsport batteries brings together a winning combination of cutting edge technology, robust design and precision engineering for motorcycle, off-road and jetski applications. The built-in qualities of exceptional starting power – up to 30% more than traditional batteries – and the high resilience to deep, repeated discharge make this range of batteries the power source of choice.

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Lucas MC – Standard (Dry, with acid pack)

  • High cranking battery
  • Less maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Acid pack provided so shelf life is greatly increased
LY50N18LA2 12V 20AH 240 EN 206x92x160
LY60N30A 12V 28AH 280 EN 185x126x170
LY60N30LA 12V 28AH 280 EN 185x126x170
LYB10LA2 12V 11AH 120 EN 134x90x145
LYB10LB2 12V 11AH 120 EN 134x90x145
LYB12AA 12V 12AH 150 EN 134x80x160
LYB12ALA2 12V 12AH 150 EN 134x80x160
LYB14AA2 12V 14AH 175 EN 134x89x176
LYB14B2 12V 14AH 175 EN 134x89x164
LYB14LA2 12V 14AH 175 EN 134x89x164
LYB16ALA2 12V 16AH 210 EN 205x70x162
LYB16B 12V 19AH 215 EN 175x100x155
LYB16CLB 12V 19AH 240 EN 175x100x175
LYB16LB 12V 19AH 215 EN 175x100x155
LYB30CLB 12V 30AH 320 EN 168x132x192
LYB4LB 12V 4AH 45 EN 120x70x95
LYB5LB 12V 5AH 60 EN 120x60x130
LYB7A 12V 8AH 105 EN 135x76x134
LYB7LB 12V 7AH 105 EN 135x76x134
LYB9B 12V 9AH 115 EN 135x76x138







Lucas MC – AGM Liquifix (Dry, with acid pack)

  • AGM technology
  • Acid pack provided for user activation. Indefinite shelf life
  • Once electrolyte is added, battery becomes permanently sealed and maintenance free
  • Lead Calcium technology
LYT4BBS 12V 2.3AH 40 EN 113x39x86
LYT6B3 12V 6AH 75 EN 110x68x110
LYTR4ABS 12V 2.3AH 45 EN 113x48x85
LYTX12BS 12V 10AH 180 EN 150x87x130
LYTX14BS 12V 12AH 180 EN 150x87x146
LYTX15LBS 12V 13AH 180 EN 175x87x130
LYTX16BS 12V 14AH 180 EN 150x87x159
LYTX18LBS 12V 20AH 180 EN 205x87x162
LYTX20BS 12V 18AH 270 EN 175x87x155
LYTX20LBS 12V 18AH 270 EN 175x87x155
LYTX4LBS 12V 3AH 50 EN 114x70x86
LYTX5LBS 12V 4AH 80 EN 114x70x107
LYTX7ABS 12V 6AH 105 EN 150x87x93
LYTX7LBS 12V 6AH 100 EN 114x70x130
LYTX9BS 12V 8AH 135 EN 150x87x105
LYTZ10S 12V 8.5AH 130 EN 151x87x94
LYTZ12S 12V 11AH 140 EN 151x87x110
LYTZ14S 12V 11.2AH 140 EN 151x87x110
LYTZ7S 12V 6AH 75 EN 114x71x106
LTX12BS 12V 10AH 160 EN 150x87x130
LTX14BS 12V 12AH 180 EN 150x87x146
LTX15LBS 12V 13AH 180 EN 175x87x130
LTX16BS 12V 14AH 180 EN 150x88x161
LTX18LBS 12V 20AH 180 EN 205x87x162
LTX20BS 12V 18AH 270 EN 175x87x154
LTX20LBS 12V 18AH 250 EN 175x87x154
LTX4LBS 12V 3AH 50 EN 113x70x87
LTX5LBS 12V 4AH 80 EN 113x70x105
LTX7ABS 12V 6AH 105 EN 150x87x95
LTX7LBS 12V 6AH 100 EN 113x70x130
LTX9BS 12V 8AH 110EN 151x87x106

Lucas MC – AGM VRLA (Factory Sealed)

  • AGM technology, factory sealed no leakage.
  • Less internal resistance offers a higher CCA amperage than conventional batteries
  • More heat and vibration resistant than standard batteries
  • Greatly reduced self discharge rate means a longer shelf life
LTZ10S 12V 8.5AH 190 EN 150x86x94
LTZ12S 12V 11AH 210 EN 151x87x110
LTZ14S 12V 11.2AH 230 EN 151x87x110
LTZ7S 12V 6AH 130 EN 114x71x106
LTS12AA 12V 12AH 135 EN 134x80x161
LTS12ABS 12V 10AH 175 EN 151x87x105
LTS12ALA2 12V 12AH 140 EN 134x80x161
LTS12B4 12V 10AH 210 EN 150x69x130
LTS12BS 12V 12AH 210 EN 150x86x130
LTS14AA2 12V 14AH 160 EN 134x88x176
LTS14B4 12V 12AH 210 EN 150x69x145
LTS14BS 12V 14AH 235 EN 150x86x145
LTS14LA2 12V 14AH 210 EN 134x88x166
LTS16CLB 12V 21AH 230 EN 175x100x175
LTS20LBS 12V 20AH 270 EN 175x87x155
LTS4LB 12V 4AH 60 EN 120x71x91
LTS4LBS 12V 4AH 50 EN 113x69x85
LTS50N18LA2 12V 20AH 280 EN 205x87x162
LTS51913 12V 21AH 230 EN 183x79x171
LTS5LBS 12V 5AH 70 EN 113x69x105
LTS7ABS 12V 7AH 140 EN 150x86x94
LTS7B4 12V 6AH 110 EN 150x65x92
LTS7LBS 12V 7AH 135 EN 113x69x130
LTS9B 12V 9AH 120 EN 136x76x139
LTS9B4 12V 8AH 120 EN 150x69x105
LTS9BS 12V 9AH 160 EN 150x86x105

Lucas MC – Gel

  • 100% compatible with Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • Unique gel electrolyte, never needs refilling or topping up
  • Completely leak free
  • Less charging required in standby or storage mode
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • Can be installed in a position other than upright
LYG51913 12V 21AH 390 EN 183x79x171
LYGZ14HBS 12V 14AH 240 EN 149x87x144
LYGZ14HLBS 12V 14AH 240 EN 149x87x144
LYGZ20HBS 12V 19AH 340 EN 176x87x154
LYGZ20HLBS 12V 19AH 340 EN 176x87x154

Lucas MC – Lithium

With an extensive life cycle of up to 4 times longer than traditional lead acid batteries, the new Lucas Lithium Motorcycle range is the new generation battery for Motorcycle application. Lucas Lithium batteries are extremely light and are perfect for track bikes and dirt bikes. The batteries are able to start a vehicle after 12 months’ in storage, they have an exceptionally low discharge rate.

LS012 12V 58AH 520 EN 210x175x190
LS019 12V 100AH 850 EN 354x175x190


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