Enhanced Cyclic performance, Improved durability & Longer operating life

The new and improved Numax Marine battery range delivers improved performance though X frame positive grids that are more durable and corrosion resistant. Upgraded active material provides greater endurance and low resistance envelop separators prevent internal short circuits.

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Numax Marine – MV Standard Range

MV22MF 12V 75AH 420 EN / 550 MCA 266x175x225
MV26MF 12V 95AH 740 EN 302x175x225
MV30MF 12V 105AH 800 EN / 1000 MCA 330x175x240

Numax Marine – XV Dual Purpose Range

XV24MF 12V 80AH 630 EN / 780 MCA 257x172x200
XV27MF 12V 95AH 690 EN / 860 MCA 302x172x200
XV30HMF 12V 100AH 740 EN 325x172x230
XV30HRMF 12V 100AH 740 EN 325x172x230
XV31MF 12V 105AH 740 EN / 925 MCA 330x172x218
XV35MF 12V 120AH 810 EN / 1125 MCA 330x172x218
XV50MF 12V 140AH 800 EN / 1050 MCA 506x182x233
XV60MF 12V 180AH 1000 EN / 1230 MCA 506x212x233
XV80MF 12V 225AH 1150 EN / 1500 MCA 509x274x238

Numax Marine – XDC Dual Purpose/Extra Cyclic Range

XDC24MF 12V 80AH 500 EN / 640 MCA 257x172x220
XDC27MF 12V 95AH 600 EN / 770 MCA 302x172x220
XDC31MF 12V 105AH 650 EN / 830 MCA 330x172x242




NUMAX Marine Range



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