• New regulation from February 21 impacting sale of dry-charged batteries with electrolyte containers to consumers
  • Exide recommends Exide Li-Ion, Exide GEL or Exide AGM Ready for best performance after long periods off the road


New EU regulation on acid packs

On February 1, 2021, the EU Regulation 2019/1148 on the sale and use of explosives precursors entered into force. This affects the sale of motorbike batteries, because it prohibits the sale of electrolyte containers to end customers. Retailers are no longer able to sell end-users the electrolyte bottles that are included with dry-charged batteries. The dry-charged battery has to be filled up with electrolyte before it is handing over to the consumer.


Sale of batteries to other businesses, such as wholesalers and workshops, is not subject to these restrictions. But every business must communicate these restrictions at the point of sale to ensure they are understood by whoever the product is being sold to. This can be done, for example, by providing notice on delivery notes or invoices, and by appropriate labelling and indications on the packaging.


Exide’s dry-charged battery packaging has been updated to read, “This is a dry battery supplied with bottles of sulphuric acid. Sale of acid to end users is forbidden by the EU Regulation 2019/1148. Dry batteries must be filled with acid before delivery to end users.” The message is also placed in all relevant technical data sheets of the concerned batteries, and a note is being added to invoices.


If the electrolyte is already contained within the battery, then it becomes part of the battery and is not subject to the restrictions of Regulation 2019/1148.


Stock management

Retailers are advised to store batteries in a cool (0–25°C), dry and well-ventilated environment free from sparks and frost. They should maintain an appropriate stock-keeping system, such as first-in first-out, to minimise the time any battery spends in storage. It is also important to check voltage regularly, particularly for AGM Ready and Gel batteries.


Charging tips

Exide recommends that batteries should be charged if the voltage drops below 12.45 volts for lead acid batteries (or 6.2 volts for 6V batteries), and accordingly 12.9 volts for Li-Ion batteries. For best results, use the Exide Battery Charger 12/2 Li-Ion for any lithium-ion battery, and the Exide Battery Charger 12/5.5 for all other batteries. You should avoid fire or flare, and ensure good ventilation during and after charging. Allow the battery to rest for at least 12 hours after charging.



Exide recommends checking cables, clamps and the rest of the battery for obvious signs of damage or loose connections. It recommends cleaning terminals and connectors and applying pole grease as necessary. For Conventional batteries, checking the electrolyte level and refilling with demineralised water might be necessary. Always make sure the exhaust outlet is free of kinks and clogs.


Exide Li-Ion is ultra-lightweight. This reduces the overall weight of your bike, enabling faster acceleration and better performance. It has very low self-discharge, ideal for starting the engine after long periods off the road.


Exide GEL is the ultimate choice for any premium motorbike, easily handling power-hungry equipment like audio, GPS, additional lights and heating systems. It is completely spill-proof and leak-proof, and highly vibration resistant. Its deep discharge protection and very low self-discharge make it perfect for long storage and seasonal use. Gel technology was originally invented by Exide.


Exide AGM Ready provides maximum power and is fully “install and forget”. This range offers incredible performance and exceptional starting power in all weather conditions and is also ideal for jet-skis. It offers excellent coverage across a broad range of types of motorbikes.


Exide AGM offers impressive reliability and lifespan. It requires initial acid filling to get started, which needs to be done at point of sale by the retailer. From then on it is completely maintenance-free. It features AGM technology, and is ideal for most applications, including high-end scooters.


Exide Conventional is ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts who demand reliability and safe starting from the battery, and who want a quality product at an affordable price. It comes with an acid-pack and needs to be filled by the retailer or professional before getting started.


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