As a key strategic partner for Exide in the UK & Ireland, ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT) is highlighting the innovations the original equipment (OE) brand has to offer the independent sector, to enable it to provide the solution for the vehicles of today, as well as those of the future.


Exide’s next generation light-vehicle batteries, which are under continuous development for its OE business with vehicle manufacturers (VMs) globally, are specially optimised for the most advanced powertrain technologies currently in the market and for those coming in the years ahead. They provide unparalleled performance and so allow the independent sector to provide their customers with the very best solution when their vehicle’s battery needs replacing.



Initially developed for its start/stop OE batteries, Carbon Boost® is Exide’s smart electrochemical solution for longer battery life and uses carbon additives on the surface of the negative plates to increase the speed at which the sulphate particles dissolve. It is the only battery manufacturer to adopt this unique approach, which leads to faster recharging, protection from sulphation, and less stratification. Continuous investments in R&D, tighter emissions regulations and the increasing demands from the VMs in regards to charge acceptance and energy availability, all led to the development of Carbon Boost® 2.0.


Carbon Boost® 2.0 uses improved carbon additives, combining an optimised surface structure with significantly better conductivity. This enables a superior current flow within the battery, resulting in unmatched charge acceptance. It also helps to dissolve the lead sulphate deposits that usually consolidate on a battery’s discharged negative plates, reducing its ability to charge back efficiently. In addition to its start/stop batteries, Carbon Boost® 2.0 is also incorporated into the Exide Premium, the brand’s top-of-the-range offering, for vehicles with a conventional powertrain.


As a result, the Premium now recharges up to twice as fast as other conventional batteries and with battery related failure remaining the number one cause of car breakdowns, this fast recharging capability considerably reduces the risk of breakdowns by helping the battery retain a healthy state of charge for longer. The Premium is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high demand electrical equipment and intensive urban driving.


Hugely ambitious EU legislation targets restricting CO2 emissions have forced the VMs to design much more efficient engines, with next generation fuel saving capabilities such as start/stop functionality, which automatically cuts the engine when it’s not needed as the vehicle stops and utilises battery management systems and smart alternators. Therefore the number of start/stop vehicles, all of which need OE-compliant AGM (absorbed glass mat) and EFB (enhanced flooded Battery) batteries, is increasing dramatically.


So, while conventional powertrains still powered most of the car parc in 2018, the percentage of start/stop equipped vehicles in Europe is growing rapidly every year. To enable independents to cater for this change, alongside its conventional powertrain range, ECOBAT is able to offer Exide’s AGM and EFB batteries for start/stop equipped vehicles.


Exide’s OE AGM batteries were first to the market in 2004 and feature LifeGrid® technology, which is perfect for advanced start/stop systems where the battery needs to be quickly recharged through the energy provided by the regenerative braking system. LifeGrid® technology, combined with high-capillarity glass mat separators, advanced lead-tin alloys and unique carbon additives in the active mass, provides consistent power and even longer battery life.


First invented by Exide in 2008, EFB batteries have come to play an increasingly crucial role for VMs in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and its latest generation now features Carbon Boost® 2.0 technology. Providing unmatched energy recovery and exceptional dynamic charge acceptance, the new Exide EFB is designed for the latest start-stop cars, and can also be used in conventional cars requiring greater electrical performance. Compared to a conventional battery, it provides twice the charge acceptance, three times the cycle life and energy availability. It also offers significant performance advantages over a conventional battery when fitted to a car without a start/stop system.


The Exide light-vehicle portfolio is rounded off with the Excell and Classic versions, which provide 15% extra starting power, with virtually 100% vehicle parc coverage and an economy solution respectively.


As a well-established player, distributing prominent brands such as Exide, VARTA®, Lucas and Numax to wholesalers across the independent aftermarket, ECOBAT has built its reputation by providing its customers with a level of service that reaches far beyond mere battery sales.


This means that as well as its unrivalled ability to supply wholesalers with the batteries they need, when their customers need them, the company is able to supplement this core duty with other support functions, to enable businesses to consistently grow their battery sales. Among these additional roles is highlighting the environmental responsibilities that affect both wholesalers and the independent workshop.


Underpinning the ECOBAT sales team, is a 16-stong national branch network across the UK and Ireland, which means that as well as outstanding knowledge and service, the company’s customers also benefit from excellent availability of the industry’s most prominent brands.


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