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Ecobat Battery Technologies has a wide range of Lithium batteries across a variety of brands. Click a range for more information.

Exide LV – AGM

View all Exide applications here.

EK1050 12V 105AH 950 EN 392x175x190
EK508 12V 50AH 800 EN 260x173x206
EK600 12V 60AH 680 EN 242x175x190
EK700 12V 70AH 760 EN 278x175x190
EK800 12V 80AH 800 EN 315x175x190
EK950 12V 95AH 850 EN 353x175x190

lucas logo

Lucas Lithium – Motorcycle

With an extensive life cycle of up to 4 times longer than traditional lead acid batteries, the new Lucas Lithium Motorcycle range is the new generation battery for Motorcycle application. Lucas Lithium batteries are extremely light and are perfect for track bikes and dirt bikes. The batteries are able to start a vehicle after 12 months’ in storage, they have an exceptionally low discharge rate.

View all Lucas applications here.

LF005 12V 55AH 550 EN 230x170x225
LF014 12V 55AH 500 EN 230x170x225
LF017 12V 95AH 850 EN 353x175x190
LF020 12V 105AH 950 EN 393x175x190
LF027 12V 60AH 680 EN 242x175x190
LF053 12V 45AH 370 EN 236x125x220
LF057 12V 45AH 320 EN 236x125x220
LF068 12V 75AH 720 EN 260x172x220
LF069 12V 75AH 720 EN 260x175x220
LF096 12V 70AH 760 EN 278x175x190
LF115 12V 80AH 800 EN 315x175x190
LF14A 12V 14AH 200 EN 150x87x145

lucas logo

Lucas Lithium – Golf

With a smart design and elegant appearance, the Lucas golf trolley lithium battery is an ideal replacement for the traditional lead acid golf battery. With a super long lifetime and at a quarter of the weight of lead acid battery, our Lucas golf trolley lithium battery is what you need while you enjoy a round.

  • Stronger Power
  • Easy plug & play
  • Fast charging
  • Super light
  • Long lifetime
  • 2 year warranty

View all Lucas applications here.

LE005 12V 65AH 620 EN 230x172x200
LE014 12V 65AH 670 EN 230x172x200
LE017 12V 95AH 900 EN 352x175x190
LE020 12V 110AH 950 EN 393x175x190
LE027 12V 60AH 560 EN 242x175x190
LE068 12V 68AH 670 EN 257x175x220
LE096 12V 70AH 650 EN 277x174x190
LE100 12V 65AH 650 EN 277x174x175
LE110 12V 75AH 730 EN 315x174x175
LE115 12V 80AH 730 EN 315x175x190
LE249 12V 80AH 740 EN 302x175x225


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